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ViewFence App lets you store all yourhome buying pictures and notes in one place

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Get a FREE professional opinion from a Realtor.

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Store notes on the homes you visit.

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Keep track of all homes you visit.

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Share your notes with your friends and family.

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Enhance your experience using the web portal on your laptop.

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Here's what Homebuyers are asking about us

Is ViewFence a broker/realtor or associated with a real estate company?

No, we are not a real estate broker, nor are we associated with a areal estate brokerage. We do not have any vested interest in selling any of the properties for which reviews are written. We are just a third party company that encourages real estate licensees to write reviews about the properties they visit. In fact, it is this complete disassociation from the real estate transaction that enables us to stay focussed on reviews in an objective manner.

Who writes the ViewFence reviews?

All ViewFence reviews are written by licensed real estate professionals (agents and brokers). These are independent professionals sharing their opinions about a property with any and all interested parties.

Do the agents need to visit the property before writing the reviews?

Yes, as a condition for writing a review, an agent or a broker must have visited the property in previous 3 months.

What is the significance of the review?

The whole review concept was born as an effort to provide unbiased third party opinions about real estate, before buyers decide to spend thousands of dollars on the purchase.

As real estate investors themselves, founders of ViewFence realized that buyer's emotions play a big role in the real estate buying process, and hence it is possible for a buyer to overlook relevant aspects of the property. At ViewFence, we believe that every prospective real estate buyer should get a chance to obtain an objective opinion from a third party that does not stand to profit from consummation of the transaction.

Can I request a review for any property on view fence?

Yes, as long as the property is on market for sale and is accessible to a real estate licensee.

How do I check if view fence already has a review on the property?

On a computer or on any mobile device, just go to www.viewfence.com and type the property address. It will show the existing reviews on the property.

Is my contact information shared with the Real estate licensee writing the review?

No, and Never. We give you the contact information for the real estate licensee so that for any further questions you can contact him/her if you so desire. You (and not the real estate licensee) control if and when to initiate the contact.

What does this cost me?

ViewFence Reviews are FREE for consumers.

Can I depend solely on your review to make my real estate decision?

The ViewFence review may help the buyer detect a hitherto unnoticed, yet a very relevant aspect of the property, thereby helping him/her make a purchase decision. It is a supplement and not a substitute for the buyer personally visiting the property and forming his/her opinions. The ViewFence review is intended to be an important tool in the hands of a prospective real estate buyer while making purchase decisions worth thousands of dollars.

Here's what Real Estate Agents are asking about us

Why should I write a house review in ViewFence?

  1. TO GET MORE LEADS. As a real estate licensee, this is your opportunity to show prospective buyers how detail oriented and honest you are.
  2. People come into the real estate profession from a variety of backgrounds. A real estate licensee with background in construction may see a property differently than the one with background in architecture, who may again differ in his/her assessment of the property from an area expert who has been selling properties in the neighborhood for quite some time. This is the time to showcase your differentiation.
  3. Additionally, a real estate licensee who specializes in selling houses to first time home buyers may have different opinions for a property, compared to the ones posted by a licensee who primarily works with move-up buyers or investors. ViewFence reviews are designed to help prospective buyers get an honest second opinion about a property, where they may discover a hitherto overlooked yet important aspect of the same.
  4. At the same time, real estate licensees writing the reviews get an opportunity to showcase their skills, thoroughness, and honesty to prospective buyers.

As a listing agent, how do I benefit form the ViewFence reviews?

  1. ViewFence reviews give a listing agent an insight into what the prospective buyers' agents think about the listing. There could be subtle aspects of the property, that are noticed by these buyers' agents.
  2. Listing agents can then direct their marketing efforts to alleviate/mitigate any factors that may be limiting true selling potential of the property. Conversely, they may also be able to notice aspects of the property that are admired by the buyers' agent, and center their marketing around the same.
  3. Listing agents can log into ViewFence to answer any concerns the buyer's agent may have. That way, prospective buyers who read the review also have their concerns addressed.
  4. Last but not the least, ViewFence reviews are a handy tool, when it comes to discussing property feedback with the sellers.

Do I have to visit a house to write a review?

Yes, we require that a real estate licensee has visited the property at least once in past 3 months before writing a review. You may visit the property in your normal course of business (while showing the property to your client), or you can also specifically visit it to write a review about the same.

How does the ViewFence review resonate with real estate law?

There is no real estate law that prohibits a real estate licensee writing an honest opinion about a property. Law considers real estate licensees as experts in the subject matter, any attempt to curtail flow of information from experts in the field to consumers can be deemed anti competitive. We have discussed the matter with leading real estate law firms (Christopher Combs with Combs and Associates) operating in AZ, and for agents and brokers writing their honest fair opinions about a property, there is nothing to worry about.

How does the ViewFence review resonate with NAR code of ethics?

At ViewFence, we respect and support NAR code of Ethics as a set of regulating guidelines that not only holds Realtors accountable to higher standards practice, but also helps enhance public perception about the professionalism and competitiveness in real estate industry. Accordingly, we have designed the ViewFence reviews to complement NAR's code of ethics. ViewFence discourages a Realtor from engaging in any slander, a policy supported by article 15 of NAR code of ethics that prohibits a Realtor from making false or misleading statements about other real estate professionals or their business practices. Similarly, at ViewFence we encourage Realtors to abide by article 1 of the NAR Code of ethics, where Realtors have an obligation to treat all parties honestly.

Do I have a agency/fiduciary responsibility with everyone who reads the reviews submitted by me?

No, we discussed this issue with leading real estate law firms (Christopher Combs with Combs and Associates) operating in AZ, and there is no agency relationship between a ViewFence reader reading a review and a real estate licensee submitting one. In addition, the ViewFence site makes a specific disclosure to the consumer regarding an absence of agency relationship with a real estate licensee submitting a review.

Can I share my reviews on social network?

Absolutely. At ViewFence, we ENCOURAGE real estate licensees to share their reviews on social networks. That is an excellent way for them to show their existing client base how detail oriented you are in your work.

How do I know that prospects are reading my reviews?

At ViewFence, we keep a count on the number of times reviews are accessed. We provide you the statistics in an email, so you know your reviews along with your contact information are getting in front of the prospects. In addition, you can log into the ViewFence website anytime to check on your review stats.

How much time does it take for me to write a review?

With ViewFence reviews, quality is more important that quantity. You can write a review in as little as 2 minutes from your mobile device. Spending those 2 minutes while working with your existing client, could get you more prospects to keep the lead pipeline active.

How do I login to start writing reviews?

Click on the "Connect with Facebook" icon on the top right of the page and login using facebook. We will not collect any personal information from your facebook account. Login through facebook lets you post your reviews on facebook so that leads following you are able to connect with you at a very personal level.